2D卡通人物角色动画设计工具AE模板 Turnaround Character Animation Toolkit V2

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2D卡通人物角色动画设计工具AE模板 Turnaround Character Animation Toolkit V2

Upgrade Your Animation Creative Skills and Assets

The full rigging character that switches to 8 directions can interact with the target in the scene, or expressive various lines of sight. To create a well-made character animation, It takes a lot of controls and channels. This toolkit carefully chosen and improved these channels and compressed them into 32 channels. The fact that ‘the controls and channels to deal with have been reduced’. It means that animation task is easy and simple.

Used Script

The free DUIK script(v15.52) was used in this project’s character module. However it can be used without script. Duik bassel 16 version is not compatible with this project.

Preview Video Music

The preview video musics in demo are not included.


AE版本 CS6 或更高版本 
分辨率 1920x1080 
音 频 不含 
文件大小 793MB